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Friday, September 02, 2005

Here we go!

And we're off!

Let me quickly explain the nature of this blog.

As a gamer, I am annoyed at a lot of the reviews I read online and in magazines. The reviewers seem to think a game is better suited for playing if it is unique and thought-provoking. Now I am not adverse to either, in fact I think a lot more originality is needed in this medium, but a problem these reviews have is they are paid to write reviews, and they get the games for free.

That in mind, it is our opinion that these "game reviewers" don't know what it's like to balance full time work, relationships, and free time with their games, and they don't have to shell out $50 every time they want something new. Their lifestyle gives them a skewed viewpoint, and we find they don't tend to make recommendations that normal people would like.

Its almost as if, if you could imagine, someone who works in a book shop who's job it is to read every book that comes in. Wading through so much shit for so long can make a mediocre book looking pretty goddamned amazing.

We don't work in a book store, we don't even like reading that much.

If you need to play a piece of shit game for 6 hours before you start to uncover something cool in it, well then, that's 6 hours we don't want to waste.

Now this isn't some casual gamer site. We won't be recommending frat boy games, movie licenses, or Namco fighting games. We are self-proclaimed hard core gamers, the difference is, while we enjoy "The Wind Waker" We just don't have the time to find all the extra useless secrets, caves and figurines it has to offer. We don't think the 187 hours of playtime needed to get through the ".Hack" RPG franchise is condusive to the unrewarding ending.

We are gamers, not goddamned stoners. We don't play ATV off-road fury on "explore" mode while toking up. We want the most bang for buck and the time.

For the time being, we will be reviewing Gamecube and PC games. Its not that we dislike the other systems (Except the goddless piece of shit "Frat-Box") its that at this time, my co-reviewer has no access to the PS2, or any of the portables.

If you disagree with our reviews, that's great. I would love to have a discussion in the comments field about a particular title. If your criticism consists mostly of,

"Joo l0zerzorz, Ill pwn u at h@lo bitchfags"

Well then, our responses will be limited to say the most.

So please check back and see what's happening.


  • one day old and you already have spam in your comment box! I think it's a shame you aren't reviewing the PSP or DS...or maybe that's a good thing, does that mean you won't be buying those games anymore? Engagement ring, here I come!

    By Blogger Julie, at 3:17 PM  

  • Nice.

    I am as picky about girlfriends as I am about games.

    When engagement rings involve mutiple screens, touching controls, Solid Snake, or a 39.99 price tag, then we'll talk.

    By Blogger PickyPants, at 3:39 PM  

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